Successful Ultra Racing needs a lot of preparation and planning. Given how new this format is in India, to ensure safety and success, Inspire India recognizes the need to build a experienced knowledge bank. Understanding what all is involved is the first step in putting together a crew and managing the logistics that will ensure safety and success. As a part of this long-term process of evolving an Ultra cycling community in India, the Inspire India team has been conducting a number of forums to share that experiential learning. With The Deccan Cliffhanger 5th Edition coming up soon followed by The ULTRA SPICE Race in Jan 2018…. It’s time to meet up and talk ULTRA!

Ila Patil, India’s first Woman to qualify for RAAM giving her insights on Deccan Cliffhanger

4 Ultra Race Seminars are planned for Racers and crew who plan to participate in The Deccan Cliffhanger and The Ultra Spice Race, on how to pack, prepare, have a ride strategy to ensure that an RQ is not lost for negligence.

Potential participants for this year and crew (whether or not you are signed up with a racer) are invited to attend.
SEMINAR for Racers and their crew on how to pack, prepare, have a ride strategy to ensure that a RQ is not lost for negligence.
MIXER – for crew and riders to find each other – Those who only want to connect with others should attend this to find team mates or Crew members!

Details as below…. Do join the Face book event pages to be updated.

  1. Mumbai – 23rd Sept – Venue – Mastermind Bicycle Studio – 5pm –
  2. Pune – 24th Sept – Venue – The Room Pune – 5pm –
  3. Mangalore – 5th Oct – Venue – Eden Aquatic and Sports Club to be hosted by We R Cycling club – 7pm –
  4. Chennai – 15th Oct – Venue Cycos Cycling Studio – 6pm –

Do visit the ULTRA RACE RESOURCES page and go through useful information for all Ultra race participants.