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Pune is one of the country’s most premium sporting hubs and the city has a special connect with the beautiful game of football. The city is home to numerous supporter’s clubs, each providing a platform to the thousands of passionate, ecstatic and, most of the time, over the top football fans who are ready to do anything to see their teams win. 

Ball & Beer is organizing this league, thus giving a chance to each of these supporter’s clubs to prove their footballing ability and to battle it out with their eternal rivals on the field to prove and walk the talk and banter that’s very evident when their teams play each other.

We are providing a platform for the ultimate bragging rights to be the best football fan club in the city wherein the supporters club will be competing in a full-fledged league followed by playoffs between the top 4 teams. Simultaneously we are organizing a FIFA tournament and a quiz over three days followed by a kickass after party, bringing all the passionate fans under one roof irrespective of the club they support making it a multiple day football bonanza with the aim of imbibing a sporting culture in this amazing football mad city.  


  • Dates: 15th, 16th, 17th April 2022.

  • Registration fee: INR 11,000 per team.

Get in touch now to know more:

Bhargav Pawar: 98224 33274

Rishabh Joshi: 77090 01237

Atharva Chitnis: 91687 94450

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