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The Deccan Cliffhanger is India’s signature Ultracycle Race! It starts on the Deccan Plateau, goes over the Sahyadri mountains and drops through dense forests covered cliffs to finish on the coastline in Goa. A 646 Km (400 Mile) Ultra Cycling Race from Pune to Goa, comprising solo and relay team categories. The Relay event is RAAM style, and the Solo Race is a Race Across America Qualifier. All racers in all categories must have a support vehicle and crew.

The Deccan Cliffhanger is a Fast paced, competitive race that heads for the beach!

Deccan Cliffhanger Race Schedule

  • DATE: Nov 2022

  • START: Pune – The Cliff, Forest Trails, Bhugaon

  • DISTANCE: 643 km (400 Miles)

  • FORMAT: Solo event and Team Based relay event

  • FINISH: John’s Seagull, Bogmalo Beach, Goa


Race Route

The Race starts in Pune, the city of cycles, and finishes in Goa, on the sea shore. Set on the Deccan Plateau, the route follows the Sahyadri Range, which defines the western edge of the Deccan, finally dropping through dense forests that cover the cliffs of the Escarpment, into the Konkan as it heads to the Indian Ocean.

Categories And Timings


SOLO is just that…. Solo! Solo racers ride the entire distance, while their crew provides them with full support. Categories and Timings are based on Racing Age and Gender. Racing Age is the age each Racer will turn during the calendar year of the race (year of race minus birth year). Solo Racers at The Deccan Cliffhanger Qualify for The Race Across America if they finish within the RQ timings.

The Ride option is for riders attempting to ride The Deccan Cliffhanger solo, who do not complete within RQ timings. All riders who complete the route within their time limit of 38hrs will receive the Finisher’s Award, but will not be qualified for RAAM.



The team event is a relay, not a peloton of 2, 3 or 4 members. Team members take turns riding, while other/s rest in the support vehicle and move up the road. Teams have the freedom to decide how often you swap riders, how long each member rides and how much distance each covers. Relay Team Format for Deccan Cliffhanger – This is really a fun event, to enjoy the route, challenge yourself, while you share the distance with your buddies.

If Rider A is cycling, the support vehicle will position the next rider B, with her/his cycle up the route. B will wait for the A to come right up to that point, and overlap cycles, before starting to ride. A will stop, put bike on car and vehicle will follow B and move up to the next exchange point. (refer video below) Team members may share the driving of the support vehicle, though at least one dedicated driver is mandatory for safety.

2 and 3 member teams can manage comfortably in 1 support vehicle with a bike rack. 4 member teams can also manage with if it is a large pick up type of vehicle that can accommodate 4 bikes or if members want to share bikes.

Categories and Timings are based on Team Age and Gender. Team Age is the average racing age of all Team members (total number of years divided by 2,3 or 4 depending on team size). Racing Age is the age each Racer will turn during the calendar year of the race (year of race minus birth year).

  • All Men

  • Mixed – at least 1 member is Male and 1 Female

  • All women

  • All Categories finish under 38 hours

  • The Ride Events are non-competitive

  • All Participants will receive a Medal and Certificate on completion of the route

There are no bicycle categories at this time. Special bikes will be considered and ruled upon by the Race Advisor.

Rules & Regulations

Guiding principles

  • Safety of all persons involved

  • Running a Clean and Healthy race with a level playing field for all

  • Creating a Race of International standards

  • Protecting Race integrity and reputation

(The guiding principles will dictate decision making by the Race Committee on any issue not specifically covered in these rules)