DIvya Tate took up cycling as an adult since 1992 when she moved to Pune. Riding for pure joy in exploring the country roads and the outdoor on a ‘Lokhand’ cycle she also cycled to commute, transport her kids to school and to tour. With India’s first 200 KM BRM in Jan 2010 she started doing long distance cycling. “From the first time that I anxiously attempted to ride a 200 km brevet I was hooked by the idea of pushing the limit further. Although I had in some way or other been adventurous in the outdoors, this activity started to transform me. It gave me an incredible sense of resolve and determination.”-Divya Tate



Her first exposure to Race Across America lead to her wanting to build a platform for Indian Ultra cyclists to push their limits and become world class athletes. With the cycling ecosystem in India being at such a nascent stage, she recognized the need to learn by engaging in International events. Between 2012 and 2017 she crewed and Officiated, 8 times at the most well known Endurance cycling International events in the USA and Europe including Race Across America, Race Across the West, Race Across Europe and Race Around Austria. She also lead a group of 55 participants from India for Paris Brest Paris in 2015 and provided support to ensure that the participants have the best chance of completion. In 2019 she volunteered at the finish line when a contingent of 300 Indian Randonneurs attempted PBP. This domain expertise she has developed is used and shared to develop International quality cycling events and athletes across India.



In 2011 she became the first Indian woman to qualify for a 1200 km historic event in France – Paris-Brest-Paris. this exposed her to the International Ultracycling community and was the turning point for her to want to share this activity in India! She strongly advocates endurance sports to people of all ages, simply for what it does for ones confidence and sense of self worth, and as a tool of social transformation. Since 2010 she has been into Cycling Event Management, starting with organizing India’s first overnight Brevets under Pune Randonneurs. She has since been deeply involved with the growth of long-distance riding in India, developing the cycling ecosystem in India. As the national representative for India to Audax Club Parisien she has over seen the growth of long distance cycling from 3 clubs in 2011 to 60 clubs in 2018.



India is seeing the growth and development across the country, in the large no of cyclists on the roads, in human resource development in this field and of course finally in the achievements of Indian cyclists Internationally. “We the Indian cycling community have in the past couple of years seen International success in ultracycling with 3 RAAM Solo Finishes including Kabir Rachure! Some have also finished other International races like Race Around Austria Solo and Trans Siberian. “I almost feel like my work is done, at least in the sense of pathbreaking, grass root level work. The cycling community is well established, the ecosystem a healthy one with opportunities for much diversity.” – Divya Tate



Divya Tate - International Ultra Race Experience

Crew and Officiating Experience at International Races & Events between 2012-2019
No.Event and YearGeneral DescriptionPrimary RoleOther
1RAAM 2012 - First RAAM crewing experience An Indian rider who DNFed at AlamosaNavigation, Rider Care, Meal PrepDrove RV, managed RV systems
2Crew seminar - Feb 2013Attended RAAM Crew seminar in San Diego.
3RAAM 2013 - Crew 4 person US team Team Break The Cycle finished in 7 and a half days. Race Metrics, Navigation, Rider Care, Meal Prep, RV kitchen set upPhotography, Videography
4RAW 2014 - CrewSOLO RAW racer, Dave Preston. finished in 3 days. Navigation, Rider Care, Meal Prep, Photography, a bit of social media
5RAW 2014 - Official for RAAMDrove back from Durango, to TS 2 to Officiate along the route for the Teams.
Driving, Navigation, Observing Teams, Ensuring compliance to rules
6RAAM 2015 - ObserverObserver on Joan Deitchman’s crewTrained Chaitanya (Joan's crew from India) about the route, RAAM rules, road conditions, crew roles etc
7RAAM 2015 - Crew4 person women’s TEAM Sorella RAAMRoute instructions, Crew instructions, Internal communication, Logistics of Team transitions, Time space management. Navigation, Rider Care, Meal Prep, Photography and social media uploads.
8PBP 2015 INDIA TEAM Management - PBP 2015Support for 53 riders from India at Paris Brest Paris.Team management, Communications, Logistics.Drop Bag management at Loudiac control, Rider care.
9RAE 2015 - Race Across EuropeCo Crew Chief for 2 person TEAM – Saddle Sand Sea from UK.Co-crew chief - Setting up Route Map files,
Navigation, Driving, Logistics of Transitions, Time space management, rider care
Photography, Videography, a bit of social media
10RAAM 2016 – CrewCo Crew Chief for self-supported Around the world Record holder Juliana Buhring’s attempt at RAAM solo, DNFed due to health issues on day 4.Pre Race Registration management, Logistics, creating budget, race plan, checklists for all supplies, setting up systems for Transitions, crew & Time space management.Driving, Navigation, Photography and social Media
11RAA 2016 – Race Around Austria - CrewCrew Chief for Ammar Miyaji’s attempt at 1500 km. DNFed due to various reasons after 2 days.Pre Race Registration management, Logistics, creating budget, race plan, checklists for all supplies, setting up systems for Transitions, crew management. Driving, navigation rider carePhotography and social Media, crew training for this and future races.
12RAA 2017 – Race Around Austria - CrewCrew Chief for Racers Bharat Pannu and Darshan Dubey at RAA 2200 km. Successfully finished.Pre Race training, Registration management, Logistics, race plan, checklists for all supplies, setting up systems for Transitions, crew management. During the race, Driving, Navigation, Rider Care, Photography and social Media, crew training.
13PBP 2019 - OfficialFinish line Official at Rambouillet.300 from Audax India Randonneurs to oversee.Attend the International LRM meeting.