The Great Himalayan Ultra – The World’s Highest Ultracycle Race!

With a start point elevation of 3500 Mts, which is higher than the max elevation of any of the RAAM Qualifying Ultracycle Races (currently, that we could find). Most of the race route remains above 3000 Mts, only briefly descending below that altitude. The Max elevation of the 1st edition is 4100 Mts and the total Elevation gain is 10350 Mts.

To decide about the race cut-offs we compiled elevation data from a number of Ultra Races that are Race Across America Qualifiers. Much gratitude to Darshan Dubey – 2 person team finisher at Race Around Austria, for compiling all the stats from various websites. If any data is incorrect or missing, please drop us an email with the information for us to update. If we are remiss in saying that this is the highest Ultracycle Race, please do correct us! 🙂

Data of Races less than 1000 KM

Ordered by Elevation gain Mts/Km

Data of Races 1000 KM or more

Ordered by Elevation gain Mts/Km