The Route – 3rd Edition

The Race starts in Pune, the city of cycles, and finishes in Goa, on the sea shore. Set on the Deccan Plateau, the route follows the Sahyadri Range, which defines the western edge of the Deccan, finally dropping through dense forests that cover the cliffs of the Escarpment, into the Konkan as it heads to the Indian Ocean.


Racers and crew are expected to use navigation skills to remain on the course at all times. To facilitate smooth navigation, all Racers will be provided with 1 handbook (per vehicle) with All Route details, with directions/instructions. Additionally it is recommended that Racers and crew use Navigation devices or Apps on their smart phones to assist. All Map Links are at the bottom of the page, and GPX and KML files of the full route and split into 4 parts.

The Official team will try to paint markers but Racers should not rely on that for navigation.


From the Start point at Cafe Nook, Baner-Balewadi Rd, the route heads south on NH4. At about 80 kms it turns off the highway to head up to Mahableshwar, in the Sahyadri mountain range. The route descends down to Satara to join NH4 again, and continues south over rolling terrain past Belgaum, to Kittur. At 461 kms the route doubles back to Belgaum, and then turns off the highway to head toward the coast through Chorla Ghat passing through dense forest.

That part of the route is spectacular, with a descent to the coastline. The last few kms are along a river or creek lined with Paddy fields an coconut groves. Finally crossing the busy highway toward the airport the route heads to the lovely Bogmalo Beach, finishing right on the shore of the Indian Ocean. With great beaches, fresh sea food, and most importantly… a low tax on beer, Goa is a big holiday destination!

Control Point Details

NoControl PointPlaceLandmarkDistanceOpen timeClose time
1StartPuneCafe Nook0Sat 5:00:00
2CP1 - MannedMahableshwarDhaba b4 Venna lake125Sat 08:54:00Sat 11:40:00
3CP 2 – Unmanned -Mandatory Check in thru Akticiti Bar code scan*SataraMahendra Executive - Clean Restrooms available184
4CP 3 – Unmanned -Mandatory Check in thru Akticiti Bar code scan*Yelur (before Kolhapur)Sai International Hotel – Clean Restrooms available275Sat 13:35:00Sat 19:35:00
5CP 4 – Unmanned -Mandatory Check in thru Akticiti Bar code scan*Nippani (top of Tawandi ghat)Opp Kaveri Hotel – Not so clean Restrooms!350Sat 15:56:00Sat 23:35:00
6CP5 - MannedKittoorChenamma Statue455Sat 19:15:00Sun 05:30:00
7CP6 – MannedBelgaum Firefox Bikes Infinity StudioBeside Indian Oil, Khanapur Road504Sat 20:30:00Sun 7:40:00
8CP 7 – Unmanned -Mandatory Check in thru Akticiti Bar code scan*Left turn to Usgaon589Sun 00:17:00Sun 13:00:00
9CP8 – Timed Race Finish*Dominos PizzaVasco Rd.,639Sun 01:15:00Sun 14:50:00
10FinishBogmalo BeachJoet’s Restaurant644Sun 2:00Sun 15:00
  1. The Above time limits are ONLY GUIDELINES. For RAAM Qualification, you have to reach the Finish within the Time limits of you respective Category. Race Officials will be available at manned check points to validate Racers doing it within Inspire India Finishers timings, however if you arrive at Manned checkpoints CP1, CP5 and CP6 after the Race Officials have left, you will be automatically disqualified from RAAM Qualification.
  2. * CP2, CP3, CP4 and CP7 are Mandatory self Check In. If Officials are present you may be asked to stop for a barcode scan otherwise crew is required to use the Akticiti app to scan the racers barcode. If for any reason you are unable to do it, you MUST call it in to one of the Race Committee or Team Leaders in the list of Officials in the Handbook.
  3. Racers are not required to halt at any of the control points, BUT must halt if it is night time at a manned control.
  4. CP8 – Race Finish – The Racing ends at this point, 639km. The remaining 4 kms to Bogmalo Beach are non-racing, and are Mandatory to be completed by each racer/team.
  5. Take a break, change your clothes, enjoy the ride into the sleepy little hamlet of Bogmalo. Enjoy this last stretch in anticipation of your first sight of the Indian Ocean.
  6. Teams may ride together from here if they want.
  7. RQ is 643 kms – ie 639+4km – time for 4 kms will be added to your time of finish at CP5 as listed below, regardless of how long you take.
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Route Maps

The total distance is 643 Km or 400 Miles

Full Route – 643 km – Pune – Bogmalo, Goa Via Kittur, Belgaum and Chorla

Full Route – 643 KM – Ride with GPS

Some Devices can only upload short sections so these are links to the map split into 4 parts.

DC 3 – Part 1 – 184 km – Pune-Mahabaleshwar-Satara –

DC 3 – Part 2 – 165 km – Satara-Nippani –

DC 3 – Part 3 – 154 km – Nippani-Kittoor-Belgaum –

DC 3 – Part 4 – 139 km – Belgaum-Chorla-Bogmalo –