Notes for Controls and Cut offs for Solo and Teams Racers

  • As you will see, the Control Points are numbered with Start as CP1 and continue till Finish as CP19 as per the 1750 km route.
  • The 600 Km riders will not pass through CP5-CP16.
  • The 1000 km riders will not pass through CP7-CP14.

Cut off mentioned here are hard Cut offs! Racers reaching after this time will not be allowed to continue. There is only a Finish Cut off for the 600 Km race. The 1000km has a cut off at midpoint 498 Km at Bhage and the 1750 has a cut off of at 877 km at Ooty.

IMPORTANT – Cut offs are NOT an indication of the time that you should plan to reach them, but an extended time assuming that some issue caused Racers to be slow in the first half of race, and assume that with recovery and re-establishment of normal pace a racer can reasonably be expected to achieve the finish line.