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The Dunes Ultra, Inspire India's newest addition!

The Dunes Ultra Race will take racers through the scenic state of Rajasthan. With its rich cultural heritage, the race will offer a relatively flat terrain making the race a fast paced one. The state offers rugged terrain in the Thar desert of western India with a backdrop of sand dunes and camels, majestic palaces and forts, and the grand Aravalli mountain range. The Solo Self Supported and Crew Supported races are Race Across America Qualifiers while the Relay race is a Crew Supported RAAM Style Relay event.

Registrations Open!

Registrations for the 2024-25 Calendar are now open!

Register to race at your favourite event now!

1st Edition (2024) Race Details

  • Start and Finish - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

  • Distance - 675km, 1335km

2024 Race Schedule

​At the Dunes Ultra, racers need to get their equipment inspected and attend briefings at the pre-race venue. Detailed schedule for meetings, briefings, and inspection slot bookings will be sent to racers on email upon completing online registration. Listed below is an outline of the schedule of the Dunes Ultra Edition 1 (2024)

Friday 27 December - Pre-Race Inspections and Briefings for all Racers

Saturday 28 December Early Morning - All Solo Racers and Relay Teams Flag-Off

Sunday 29 December Early Morning Onwards - Racers Finish

The Dunes Ultra 675km

Race Route

The 675km route is an out-and-back course starting and finishing in Jaipur. Starting at the iconic City Palace, the racers will pass through the bustling city of Jaipur and passing several heritage landmarks. Just outside of Jaipur, the route traverses along the backdrop of the Aravalli Ranges. The route until Sikar offers a semi-urban landscape with a mix of flat stretches and gentle climbs. Past Sikar, the route goes thorugh Ratangarh and flattens out significantly, allowing for faster speeds but also exposing cyclists to potential headwinds and the dry, hot climate of the desert. The section from Ratangarh to Bikaner is characterized by flat, open desert plains with scarce villages and minimal resources. After navigating around Junagarh fort in Bikaner, racers will turn around and follow the same route to Jaipur. 

Formats, Categories, and Timings

The Dunes Ultra offers several formats of racing including Solo Self-Supported and Crew-Supported races and Relay races. All solo races are Race Across America Qualifiers. Solo racers finishing under the cut-off timings will qualify for the Race Across America. Relay events are RAAM Style relay races. Each format has a unique flow. Read more and understand the details of each format below.

Rules & Regulations

Guiding Principles:

  • Safety of all persons involved

  • Running a Clean and Healthy race with a level playing field for all

  • Creating a Race of International standards

  • Protecting Race integrity and reputation

(The guiding principles will dictate decision making by the Race Committee on any issue not specifically covered in these rules)

Mandatory Pre-Race Requirements:

​Each race has certain mandatory pre-race requirements that racers must meet in order to receive a clearance to race. If racers do not meet with these requirements, their registration may be cancelled and racers may be denied from entry to the event. Please read the requirements carefully before registering for the event. 

Final rules and regulations for the 1st Edition of the Dunes Ultra are under review.

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