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Formats, Categories, and Timings

Each Inspire India race offers several formats for racers to choose from. Each format in each distance has specific cut-offs and stage splits. Read below to know more about each specific format and its requirements. 


The Dunes Ultra

The Dunes Ultra offers several formats of racing including Solo Self-Supported and Crew-Supported races and Relay races. All solo races are Race Across America Qualifiers. Solo racers finishing under the cut-off timings will qualify for the Race Across America. Relay events are RAAM Style relay races. Each format has a unique flow. 

675km Solo Self Supported

The Dunes Ultra 675km Solo Self-Supported race is a single stage non-stop self-supported race. Racers will get access to drop-bags at the turn-around control in Bikaner. Categories and timings are as below. (Approval from Race Across America organisation for below proposed cut-off timings pending)

Category Code
RAAM Qualifier Cut Off (Hrs)
Inspire India Cut-Off
SS Women 18-49
Under Review
SS Men 50+
Under Review
SS Men 18-49
Under Review
SS Women 50+
Under Review
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